PUrA – a concept that transcends from an ‘abode’ or home to a ‘city’ – PURAM.

The platform for Urbanism and Architecture works in questioning the present through learning, inquiring and inspiring from the past. Focusing on creating sustainable habitats, we work with an interdisciplinary approach, with like-minded individuals, beyond the domains of architecture.

Emphasizing the concept of ‘Pura Vida ’ of being pure in all its acts; that shall be a manifestation of the purest form in its place and time.


Our works speak sensibility and commitment, innovative design solutions and deep understanding of the context it sit.

We can guide you through all aspects of a project


Planning gives an organized scheme and turn out to be the backbone for large scale developments. It involves feasibility studies and formulating policy guidelines. Our experience in this process span from urban and regional planning, town planning schemes, city development plans, rural area planning, urban conservation and urban renewal schemes. We undertake master planning of large scale developments like townships, institutional projects, housing etc.


Providing innovative design solutions in various sectors ranging from buildings of public nature, private developments, residences, hospitality, institutions and commercial establishments. We also extend our services to interior space management and designing, landscaping and art installations.


Apart from providing schedules on deliverable and timeline; we consider each project has to be nurtured from its inception to completion. Advocating project management will elevate the status of the firm, its growth, profit and reputation. We do strategic planning and scheduling, manage resources and labor, and regulating cost and expenditure of each project.